Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Onya Innovations can help make your lunchtime more sustainable with a selection of reusable sandwich wraps as an alternative to plastic or foil.

It's lunchtime! Get out your reusable sandwich wraps

Do you send your children to school with a lunchbox full of items like sandwiches wrapped in plastic, worried about the amount of waste this is generating and concerned that it may end up as litter?

This problem can be easily solved with reusable sandwich wraps. These wraps eliminate the need for single-use plastic wrap that so many of us rely on unnecessarily when packing lunches for our kids and ourselves.

Reusable sandwich wraps: how they work

Reusable sandwich wraps, also known as sandwich bags, are pouches that can contain your food when you're on the go. Not reserved simply for sandwiches, this handy accessory is great for a multitude of foods such as vegetable snacks, biscuits and baked goods, rolls and paninis and more. They can accommodate different sized foods thanks to the fastening strips that run down the wrap. This means they can cater for your unique lunch whatever the size, helping to keep your food fresh and protected until meal time arrives.

The sandwich bags also come in a number of colours, so pick your favourite or perhaps choose one of each.

Also of significance, Onya Innovations sandwich bags are made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) which is a material that can be recovered from recycled plastic bottles that otherwise would have wasted away. By using reusable sandwich bags, you're giving your old plastic water bottles a new life!

Sandwich bags: more practical stuff

Reusable sandwich bags are made to be practical, reliable and robust, after all, kids aren't always gentle with their belongings, but Onya Innovations sandwich bags stand up to their rough and tumble. They are also lined with a PEVA food-safe lining so you can also rest assured that your food will stay fresh and healthy.
The reusable sandwich bags are also easily cleaned. If any crumbs are lying around you can simply wipe the pouch down with a cloth or give it a quick hand wash.

If you are an advocate for sustainable living, it's time to integrate reusable sandwich bags into your life. There is no need for single-use plastic wrap to pollute our environment and take up space in our landfills when affordable and effective reusable alternatives exist - so jump aboard and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with eco friendly living.